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The Personal WebsiteMay 02, 2012

It All Starts With A Name

Many things in this world revolves around names. Everybody has one. Me, you, my father. My father was born David Alexander Richard Evans, and he was the son of Derek Alexander Evans. I am Daniel Alexander Ross Evans, and I am the son of David Alexander Richard Evans.

I can't quite explain why. Honestly, I don't think I really need to. I just, I can't explain why this lineage of names is important to me. Its important enough to me that I commonly go by the name 'Dare', the name being a composition of my initials. Its important enough to me that I hope to one day name my son 'Dante Alexander Red Evans', a name created during a vacation dinner with my family.

Its important enough to my father that his website is davidARevans.com. That was important enough to me to title my first website danielARevans.com. Moment of truth, I first had a .net, but that is gone forever now. The first site was something I felt I needed to have as a nerd on the internet, but something I didn't quite have all the skills to build myself. I acquired a template to use and filled in the blanks myself.

DanielAREvans.com, is it Daniel A R Evans, or Daniel ARE vans?


One of the blanks that was filled was the blog. The template came with example html for the blog, but updating in the manners I currently knew meant statically updating the blog information, and losing the data each time I moved something in, as I had a desire to keep the page short. To solve this, I launched a WordPress Blog, and used a mix of PHP and Javascript to fetch the first three entries from the blog, and populate my site with them on load.

Broken Blog :(

I've never been the best with words. Communication can definitely be a strain at time, but the ideals I hope to connect on with other people push me to keep trying. To this end, I've never been great at talking about my own works, or more specifically what some might call Achievements. It doesn't come across amazingly, but the words for my 'Works' page really meant something to me. It didn't, and doesn't, matter what an employer might think.

gotta go fast

My contact page was simple and function, it included links to my social media or whatever. No one ever contacted me.


It Can Be So Hard To Pick An Internet Handle.

To continue onto the next iteration of my site, I feel it is important to first talk about some of the internet handles I've had in the past. I was eight when I first went on the internet. At the time my mother had me in Tae Kwon Do classes. My name is important to me. Thus, danielkungfu8 was born.

Then, it was time for A.I.M., or A.O.L., or America OnLine, Instant Messenger. I was with my older sister and her two friends. I was the shortest person in my grade. I was eight. English is hard. migetman9 was born. I swear, I didn't know there was a d in midget. Also, I understand that using language to describe myself with a medical affliction I do not possess can be viewed as an offensive action. Give me a break, I was nine.

High school is here. I'm Team Xbox, not Team PlayStation. migetman9 doesn't feel like a name I want to carry anymore. Its late, like 1am. I'm eating an entire box of cheez-its. I like cheez-its. I love cheez-its. My birthday is on July 31st. Alright Xbox Live, I'll pay you your money, so make cheezin31 my name.

Now we're at University. Computer Science class is a bit too elementary for me. me@danielarevans.com is incredibly long to write and people never understand it means Daniel A.R. Evans. I'm Dare. New gTLDs are available. daredoes is who I'll be, and DareDoes.Work will be my domain. daredoestweets, daredoesgithub, daredoeshishomework. So many use cases. I think this is it for me. Here I am.

I'm Dare, and I do work.

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